NCT DREAM 2022 Season greetings

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NCT Dream 

Season greetings 2022
Pre order them now ( shipping happens in 24 hours after we received them , we keep you posted on delivery time)

  • package 
  • desk calender 14p
  • hard cover diary 120p
  • postcardset 14pc
  • enveloppe 1pc
  • folder poster calender set 2pc
  • sticker set 2pc
  • A4 poster set 14pc
  • mini brochure 12p
  • hotel keycard set ( keycard 7pc, doorhanger 7pc) 

We can not be held responsible for adjustments made in production.
We ship your season greetings out, within 24 hours after receiving them, we keep you posted on our receiving date. They can also be collected in Mol or Sint-Niklaas, after we received them (with appointment).